Support Now Online Counselling

Online Counselling is:

  • Real-time face-to-face support with a professional counsellor using SkypeTM;
  • A focussed session lasting for up to fifty minutes. Your online counsellor will advise you when your session is coming to a close;
  • Free and confidential; and
  • Available 24/7. 


How to access On the Line's Video Counselling Service: 

  1. Please read the Terms of Service below
  2. Enter in your preferred chat name;
  3. Check the 'agree to Terms of Service' box and click on the 'Chat to a Counsellor Now' button;
  4. You will be directed to a online-chat window and may experience a hold period until a counsellor is available;
  5. Once connected to a counsellor in an online-chat session, the counsellor will request some information to connect to you in a SkypeTM session; 
  6. Please have handy your:
    • Email address;
    • SkypeTM chat name; and 
    • Things you want to discuss with your counsellor in session.
  7. Once connected to a counsellor in SkypeTM, please leave the online-chat window open for the duration of the session (this is linked directly to the open session in SkypeTM

View the terms of service